Traveling in Europe can be somewhat different from other regions of the world. Many European cities have historic old town areas that are sealed off for traffic. Incidentally, these areas are also the ones you most likely want to visit, given their cultural and aesthetic value. This means you will have to go there by foot. In addition, the roads and paths in these areas are often made of cobblestone or similar materials. As such, you will need to pack really comfortable footwear for your European trip. Here are some of the best picks:

Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Europe

  1. Karrimor Bodmin IV Weathertite, Men’s Trekking and Hiking Shoes

The Karrimor Bodmin combines a natural leather outer part and a synthesised material for the inner to give your feet comfort and reliable protection. The shoe comes with a resilient sole for shock absorption, and  has grooves on the base for an assured grip to the ground. Most shoes are either well designed but with weak material, or poorly designed and with strong material. Not the Karrimor Bodmin. While the shoe looks great, it is also robust and can withstand any reasonable punishment your walks can unleash  on it.

  1. Mens DEK ASCEND Triple touch fastening Trek & trail Shoe

What’s the biggest problem you face when doing your daily walks? For some, one of the most notable issues is sweaty feet. That is the problem the manufacturers of the DEK ASCEND Triple touch set out to solve, and that is a task they did superbly. The shoes comes with absorbent materials that keep your feet dry without suffocating them thanks to the soft but durable textile inner. It is easy to put on the shoe with its hook and loop fastening system.

But the shoe is not suitable for all environments. It is meant for the urban jungle and doesn’t fare well in rocky terrain. The breathable materials are also non water poor therefore the shoes would not be great in the rain. But for everyday urban walking, this shoe is a beauty you have to have.


The Mens Hay Lace Up Trainer is among the best walking shoes for Europe. Infact they are built for mere walks on everyday landscapes, and those rough days out in the uncharted woods, hiking. The design is stunning and is somewhat sophisticated. Meant to be used in multiple environments including both rough and not-so-rough surfaces, the sole is made of genuine gum rubber for resilience and a firm safe grip. Forget about careless slipping.

The shoe comes with lace-up fastening which can be an inconvenience. But that’s alright since it makes for a firm reliable fit.

  1. ASICS Gel-Odyssey Wr, Men’s Low Rise Hiking Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Odyssey Wr, Men’s Low Rise Hiking Shoes deliver maximum comfort using their flat heel. It ensures that you use the  least effort when walking. The leather material is good for keeping out elements like water. But while it is waterproof, it is still comfortable and breathable and won’t make your feet sweat. But one disadvantage of the shoes is that they come with lace-up shoes and that makes them quite inconvenient.

  1. Karrimor Mens K2 Sandal

What if you would like to take a walk in hot humid weather? Of course normal closed shoes would not be ideal for this. Flips flops would be too extreme so you need something of a compromise between those and the closed ones. This is where the Karrimor Mens Sandals come in. They allow your feet to breathe thanks to their sandal design. But of course they would not be ideal in rainy weather, snow, or sandy terrain.

Women’s Best Walking Shoes for Europe


The Ladies’ Charlotte hiking trainer promises to give you a warm, dry and comfortable walking experience and it delivers well on that promise. The shoes’ insole is sufficiently padded to keep your feet not only comfortably cushioned, but also protected from sweaty feet. The shoe works well in wet weather since it is fully waterproof and the lace up fastening makes for a sealed fit. The shoes are quite stunningly designed and will go well with most outfits.


How about a shoe that is tough enough to handle all the punishment of harsh terrains but still beautiful to look at? The Ladies Leather Lightweight Waterproof Walking/Hiking Trekking Ankle Boots will give you exactly that. But most  people would expect such a robust shoe to be heavy. That couldn’it be any farther from the truth. The shoe is actually lightweight which allows you to walk long distances without feeling exhausted.

  1. Hi-Tec ST Moritz, Women’s Hiking Boots

There are no right words to describe these women’s hiking shoes. Perhaps beautiful monster would come close. That’s because the shoe looks really beautiful and yet it is built to withstand the roughest terrain and wet cold weather. The outer part is made from beautiful suede leather and to keep you feet warm in cold weather, the upper part has a mesh of thinsulate insulation. The lace-up fasteners do a good job of keeping the shoes firm to your feet. Hi-Tec ST Moritz, Women’s Hiking Boots.

The shoes can be quite heavy, though, and so if you have to walk a long distance you will find them quite tiresome. But if you are faced with a short and rough walking distance in wet and cold weather, you can never go wrong with these shoes.


This shoe stands out when it comes to its ease of cleaning.This is thanks to its smooth leather outer part. The leather makes it durable and its sturdy sole provides reliable grip to the ground. The LADIES PEAKE LACE UP PREMIUM LEATHER is robust but it does not sacrifice its aesthetics for this. It’s actually good enough to be worn for hikes or even just with casual outfits.

Walking Shoes For Europe