Best Travel Shoes That Maintain Style and Comfort

There is no better way to explore your travel destinations than on foot. The experience is warm and there is more chance for interaction with the environment and people when you’re walking than, say, in a vehicle.

But, for this, you need travel shoes – needless to say. And not just any shoes; comfortable ones that will still give you the chance to express your style. For such a combination, you would expect to part with a decent sum, but if you look closely enough you can bag yourself some affordably priced shoes, without having to compromise on style and comfort.

Planning to go on a trip? Here are 8 of the best shoes for travel for both women and men, which will enable you to take in the awe of your destination in comfort and style.

Best travel Shoes for Men

Two things come to mind when one thinks about men’s travel shoes: Masculine style and Comfort. The following shoes are the perfect blend of the two.

Merrell Moab Gore-tex, Men’s Low Rise Hiking Shoes

If you’ve ever done any hiking before, then you will appreciate the comfort of a sturdy but soft and supple travel shoe. The Merrell Moab Gorex brings just that to your hikes. For its price, the shoe is remarkable. It comes with a soft spongy inside and an air-cushioned heel to give more stability and absorb shock. The patent Gorex lining prevents your feet from getting wet even if the outer part of the shoe is drenched.

But the shoe isn’t without a niggle or two. It seems the manufacturer makes them a bit tight for their size. Therefore, you might want to order a half bigger size than you normally wear.

Hi-Tec Keswick Waterproof, Men’s High Rise Hiking Shoes

The Hi-Tech Keswick men’s hiking shoes come with a hardy bootie design. They have a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry in all sorts of weather. They are suitable even for the most demanding terrain with their specially designed sole which affords you decent traction. Firmly fixed to your feet by means of laces, the Keswick hiking shoe will feel sturdy but light enough with its leather outside and textile inside.

One area where the shoe falls short, though, is the toe part. It can be a bit uncomfortably pointed. A more rounded front part can make this the perfect shoe.

Jungle Men’s Walking Breathable Lightweight Shoes

For all day light walking, these shoes are the perfect choice. They come with mesh lining and a padded ankle and tongue to ensure comfort even after prolonged use. Their main strength is their ability to keep your feet feeling fresh throughout.

The one problem with the Jungle men’s breathable shoes is that they are not really suitable for heavy walking, especially in rough terrain. But if you need every day walking shoes, there is nothing wrong with going for them.

Grisport Men’s Exmoor Hiking Shoe

The Grisport Men’s Exmoor Hiking Shoe could easily pass for smart wear. But don’t be deceived: these are beasts when put on the trail. They are waterproof, meaning you can use them in any weather, any terrain and still keep your feet dry. Unlike most shoes on the list that come with spongy outer parts, these cannot get soaked as they are built with waterproof waxed leather.

One thing to pay attention to is their sizing, though. They are made in Italy and come with Euro sizing. So don’t approach them with UK sizes in mind.

Best Travel Shoes for Women

Gelert Ladies Ottawa Low Walking Shoe

These are Gelert Ladies Ottawa Low Walking Shoe  some good walking shoes if you have a tight budget. They come with a meshed tongue and upper to allow your feet to breathe and maintain freshness throughout your walk. For extra grip, the sole comes with multi-directional patterns. One striking feature of the shoe is its stunning design. It’s sturdy and hardy but still comes with a classy appearance.

The problem is that these shoes cannot stand abuse. If you use them for prolonged periods heavy walking, your feet will get moist, which can be irritating. However, if for easy walks these shoes are great, especially considering their pricing.

Ladies Trek Leather Lightweight Waterproof Travel Boot

The first thing you’ll notice when you see these travel shoes is their stunning style and colour. For a shoe made for such a task, the design is classy. They are 100 percent breathable and come with a padded insole and collar. This allows your feet to keep dry even after hours of use.

But they are not with their own limitations. They are meant to be waterproof but sometimes they tend to have a weakness at the joint between the upper and the sole, which can allow water to sip through.

Skechers Gowalk 3 Women’s Walking Shoes

This Gowalk 3 shoe comes with technology developed specifically for athletic walking. They are easy to put on with their slip on design and their sole is built with shock absorbing technology. This makes them an all-round comfortable shoe. The manufacturer made a point to keep the sizes accurate: the size you buy is the size you actually get.

One area they underperform is with their front part. This can sometimes seem too tight for the upper front part of your foot if you have a high instep.

Merrell Siren Sports Gore-Tex®, Women’s Trekking and Hiking Shoes

The ideal walking shoe should protect your feet from the weather elements. That is a task the Merrell Siren Sports Women’s Hiking Shoes performs superbly. They come with a lining that keeps your feet dry but still keeps you comfortable and free from perspiration. Whether in the rain, mud or any wet environment, these shoes have your feet covered. They are lightweight but sturdy and their gum rubber sole makes for a firm grip on the ground.

Thanks to the proprietary M-select fresh, these shoes will keep any offending foot odours at bay before they even start.

The only issue is that as the shoe ages, it lose its waterproof quality. But that’s only after a good period of satisfactory use.